Welcome to the world of Kiwisun!

Let us introduce you Ireland`s first bio green bulbs sunbed salon. Our brand new development is the green light therapy sunbed which effects Caribbean tanned skin. The result will be visible immediately and the tanning is much deeper and longer-lasting. Our sunbeds do not contain quartz halogen facial tanners but we sorely use health-conscious facial-, shoulder-d├ęcolletage and leg tanners.

Spray Tanning

Get a spray tan using some of the best spray tanning brands in the Irish and international market.

Sunbed Tanning

With horizontal and vertical sunbed units available you can be sure we can fit to any of your needs.

Beauty Services

With services and solutions for eye lashes and nails with our services growing we provide an expert service to you.


  • Bio green EU-compliant bulbs in all sunbeds
  • Safe and gentle tanning
  • Guaranteed replacement of tubes with official records
  • Qualified, skilled receptionists who participate on central educational training


  • Health-conscious EU-standard sunbeds
  • Green light therapy sunbeds
  • Long-lasting Caribbean skin colour
  • Skilled staff
  • Unique design and clean environment
  • Wide selection of cosmetic products