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Enhance you natural beauty with the best mink lashes Dublin has to offer. Soft mink lashes attach to your natural eyelashes to extend and add definition. One of our professional eyelashes technicians will apply your semi permanent mink lashes in a nice friendly environment.

What are mink lash extensions?

*All of our mink products are animal cruelty free* – Our lashes use faux mink fibres which mimic real minks fur. Like real minks fur, our faux lashes are light weight, soft, and fluffy, just like natural human eyelashes.

before and after mink lashes

What is the mink lashes procedure?

Firstly, our lash expert will access your face and help your decide on the look you are looking for. Then, they will follow this procedure:
1-Clean your eye make up and skin around the eye.
2-Apply an individual lash to each one of your natural eyelashes, or less, depending on whether you get a half set or full set.

Are mink lashes made of real mink?

No, mink lashes use soft synthetic eyelashes, materials to resemble the look and texture of real mink.

How long do mink eyelashes last?

The eyelash treatment process of applying mink eyelashes entails adding individual eyelashes to each one of your natural eye lashes. Thus the lashes last as long as your natural eyelash growth. On average, a person loses 2-6 eyelashes per day. This will be more visible with the mink lashes applied as your lashes will be much bigger and more noticeable when they fall out.

How To Take Care of Mink Eyelash Extensions?

Our eye care team that to maintain you’re your lashes, you get a refill every 4-6 weeks at our eyelash salon.

How to wash your face with mink eyelash extensions?

Washing your face is not recommended for atleast 24 hours, so we advice that you use an oil free, or chemical free face wipe to gently clean your face – take extra care around your eye area. Also, be careful if you are using cotton balls or buds as they can cling to your lashes and pull them loose.

What are eyelash refills?

After 3-4 weeks, mink eyelashes start to fall out. Our lash technician will refill any lashes that have fallen out over that time.

Can I get the lashes wet?

It is recommended every time that you get extensions that you keep your lashes dry for at least a day after application. Getting the adhesive wet can result in your lashes coming loose.

Can You Put Mascara on Mink Eyelashes?

If you are applying mascara, make sure to keep it at a minimum. Our eye technicians advice that you use it sparingly on the tips of your eyelashes to give that extra bit of volume to your lashes.

Do mink lashes ruin your natural lashes?

No, not if they are applied correctly. This is why it is important that a qualified lash technician does the job.

How to prepare before the treatment?

Make sure your face and eye area are clear of make up and moisturising oils. Avoid curling and keep your lashes natural. This will allow our technician to easily apply your extensions.


What is a half set compared to a full set of lashes?

A full set of mink lashes involves adding a false mink lash to each one of your natural lashes. This is the best solution if you want optimal volume. A half set of mink lashes will have less volume, but in the case of someone with very dark lashes, it might do the trick.


Mink Eyelash Extensions Cost?

-Full Set – €65
-Half Set – €45
-Refills – €45
-Lash Removal – €10

Where can I get Mink Eyelashes?

You can your eyelashes applied by one of professional eyelashes technicians at our salon on 52 North Street, Swords, Dublin. We have the best mink lashes Dublin has to offer. See more of our >eyelashes and brows range< Call us on 01 8408558

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Mink lashes attach to your natural eyelashes to extend and add definition. This eyelash treatment will make you look like a celebrity