Gel Nails Dublin

What are gel nails?

Usually applied to strengthen or extend your natural nails, Gel nails are the most natural looking artificial nails. We at Kiwisun Swords, have the best Gel Nails Dublin has to offer. Read more about our gels below.

How to gel nails step by step

Gel nails are created by applying a gel polish similar to nail polish, that adds strength to the nails without making them look thicker.The following steps will show you how we create the ultimate summer gel nails.

Step 1

Cleanse, file, cut, and shape.

To get things started, our nail technician will fully wash down and cleanse your nails. Once this is done, it is time to prepare your nail by getting it to a blank start. This includes cutting, filing down, and shaping the nail – you can choose any nail shape: oval nails, pointy, square, or rounded nails. Short or long gels.

Step 2

Cuticle remover

Apply a cuticle remover around the cuticle area at the nail base. We then clear off any loose skin and debris with a cotton dipped in acetone.

Step 3

Base layer application

Here our nail expert will apply a foundational thin base layer on top of your natural nail. This coat will be hardened and cured under or gel nail dryer UV light to strengthen the bond between the artificial gel nail and natural nail.

Step 4

Applying Colour Layer

After your base layer has dried, we will then apply another thin layer, which is you colour gel. We have a huge range of colour gels available: Natural/ nude gel nails, ombre,white gels, glitter, blue, french gel nails, black, and rose gold gel nails.

Step 5

Final Gel Layer

Finally, we apply a finishing top gel layer. And cure the nail under our gel nail dryer.

Gel Nails Dublin

Gel Nail Facts

Gel nails are glossy in appearance, more so than other nail types, like acrylic nails. They also hold their shine for far longer.

Unlike other nail types, gel is no fumes involved in application.

They are idea for people with allergies from the chemicals in acrylics

How To Remove Gel Nails?

Gel nails can be difficult to remove at home, so we recommend that you come in to our nail expert. The process involves filing off the gel, and using acetone to remove the gel nails.

How to do nail art on gel nails?

As well as being long lasting, gel nails have endless possibilities for adding colours, patterns, glitter, and custom designs. You can check out some of our gel nail design ideas over on our blog at: 9 Gel Nail Design Ideas

Gel Nails Process

Gel Nails Prices

Full Set – €45

Where To Get Gel Nails

One of our nail experts is waiting to do your Gel Nails at our salon at 52 North Street Swords, County Dublin –You can call us on 018408558. See more of our >Nails Treatments< or our >Nails Frequently Asked Questions<
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Gel nails are applied to strengthen or extend your natural nails, Gel nails are the most natural looking artificial nails.