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Eyebrow shaping will enhance your natural beauty. Especially if it is done right! So it is worth getting it done by a professional.

What is Eyebrow Shaping

Eyebrow grooming involves plucking, tweezing or waxing your brows to match the shape of your face and features. We use waxing, threading and electrolysis.
eyebrow shaping dublin

Why do you need eyebrow shaping?

Eyebrow shaping will draw more attention to your eye area, increase definition, and enhance your eyes natural beauty. Getting your eyebrows shaped at our beauty salon by one of our eye care experts is the best option, as the job will be done right. Each person is different, and eye brow shapes differ. Some people even have different shaped eyebrows on each eye. So, we will ensure that the eyebrow shaping for you will suit your face.

What is the eyebrow shaping process?

The most common methods of eyebrow shaping are waxing, and threading. 


Brow Waxing
Eyebrow waxing involves adding wax to the unwanted areas around the eyebrow shape you are going for. Then we pull your eyebrows. The process reduces in pain the more you get it done. So, our therapists advice that you get this done every 6- 8 weeks.
What is Eyebrow Threading?
Threading is an ancient form of hair removal, used for centuries. It is becoming increasingly common for eyebrow treatment. Eyebrow treading is the process of removing hair with a cotton wire. The cotton wire move in a twisting motion, pulling multiple hairs at a time at follicle level.


Is eyebrow shaping painful?


Shaping is a little painful, therefore, our eye care expert will add a soothing lotion right afterwards.

How long does it take?


The process takes between 10-30minutes for all eyebrow styles.

Where to get eyebrow shaping?


Our eyebrow specialist will give you a professional eyebrow shaping treatment here at our salon at 52 North Street Swords. Call 018408558. See more of our >eyebrow range<

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Eyebrow shaping is done to enhance your natural eye beauty. There are a few ways eyebrow shaping is done with the most common being plucking and tweezing.